Helen Alveranga grew up in Oxfordshire where her interest in fine art developed rapidly; drawing and painting with passion from a young age.

Helen Alveranga is a contemporary artist whose practice relies heavily on appropriation from the natural world. Painting exclusively in oils, she plays with the notions of what is important and worthy of depiction. Helen works in a very meticulous way and is interested in the minute detail of her subject. The paintings appear almost photorealistic in small reproductions. In the flesh they are much more interesting, artfully freer affairs.

Taking inspiration from the old masters, still life painters Chardin and Cotan and also 17th Century Dutch Ďvanitasí painters, she wants others to see the beauty in these natural elements to draw attention to what is often overlooked.

Helen grew up in Oxford where her interest in fine art developed rapidly, drawing and painting with passion from a young age. She studied Fine Art, gaining a BA Hons Degree from Guildhall University in 2004. Helen now lives in London with her husband Tony and lovely daughter Naomi.

Helenís work has proved popular with both private and commercial clients resulting in a number of successfully completed commissions. She has exhibited throughout London and the United Kingdom where she has sold many of her paintings and received a number of commendations.

All work © 2014 Helen Alveranga